Why Us?

Why RAJDHANI Campus?

Rajdhani Campus is the leading education group in Rajasthan with the students studying across hi-tech campus. At Rajdhani Campus we are passionate about grooming technocrats who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings with values and ethics. This is just one of the many reasons given below, why we are among the best educational Institute in Rajasthan. Some others are listed below:

Government Recognized:

Rajdhani Campus is a self financed institute and approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) Delhi and affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota. Rajdhani Campus is established under 50 acres of educational area earmarked by the promoters in their 500 acres residential scheme "Rajdhani Metropolis" at Rohini Nagar Phase-I.

State of Art Laboratories

Rajdhani Campus has best of the laboratory infrastructure with most advanced machines and equipment for giving best exposure to the students. While the laboratories are set up as per the guidelines of AICTE and curriculum by RTU, most of the labs have extra machines and instruments to help student in their project work to enable them to meet the demands of industry. The laboratories have licensed software and demonstration setups to demonstrate the industrial processes and technical phenomena. Students are allowed to think and utilize the theoretical knowledge to transform an idea into a project or an innovation.

Highly Experienced and Qualified Teachers

The faculty plays a significant role in all round growth of the student and the Institute by teaching, guiding, mentoring, motivating, facilitating, training, monitoring and correcting the students. The core strength of Rajdhani Campus is its well qualified and highly experienced team of faculty members in all academic departments. The faculty members are experts with a combination of academic and industry background which helps students in acquiring the necessary skills in the institute itself. The faculty is also involved in research activities in collaboration with institutes of national and international repute which enables the students to get a chance to work on real time research projects.

Expert Lectures, Talks and Seminars

Practical Learning is accelerated by organizing seminars on relevant and up-coming technologies for the benefit of the students and faculty. Competent and eminent professionals from various specialized fields address students and share their wealth of knowledge. This provides a clear perspective about the industry to the students. The students pick up clues from the expert and make use of the possibility of new dimensions of success in their concerned field of study. The Campus seeks to foster academic debate in areas with implications for a more equitable and sustainable world. In working towards fulfilling this aim, the Institute conducts series of distinguished lectures and seminars in the academic calendar.

Collaborative Research

Rajdhani campus has collaborative research going on with various institutions like NITs, IITs and other universities across the globe in countries like U.K., Japan, Singapore, Thailand etc. Ample opportunities are provided for research-minded students to hone their research skills and participate actively in pioneering research studies. The faculties of engineering, science, humanities departments, along with their scholars do active research in frontier areas, which often results in highly acclaimed publications in international and national journals and books. A large amount of research work is also presented in international and national conferences.

Academic Linkages

Rajdhani campus has academic linkages with various institutions like IITs, NITs and other renowned universities for training and projects. This also helps the students in their various types of projects, training projects and student exchanges. Academic linkages help the students to explore their knowledge.

Training and Placements Activities

The Placement &Training Cell functions with the primary aim of placing students in top-notch companies even before they have completed their courses. Having an exposure to a good work culture is the beginning of their professional life, guarantees success in all their endeavors. TPC is an integral part of the institute. The institute has provided complete infrastructure for effective functioning of the cell. The various activities, which are being undertaken regularly are - placement of the students, entrepreneurship awareness & development programmes, invited lectures of the persons from industry & other institutions, Personality development programmes etc. The Campus provides a solid platform to the corporate for head hunting. More emphasis is given to mock-tests and interviews, role playing, group discussions and extempore speaking so that the students are ready to be deployed in the corporate. We have tie ups with Companies and industries in Telecommunication, Power Generation and Distribution, Industrial Control System, Automobile Reality Sector. Students of Rajdhani group have been effectively placed in major corporate like TCS, IBM, Accenture, Wipro, Mahindra and Mahindra etc.

Overall Personality Development

At Rajdhani Campus, emphasis is given on not only making you technically profound or academically brilliant, but true leaders and team players, thus preparing you for the real life corporate world. Various clubs and societies enable the students to nurture their natural interests and talent and show it to the world.

The Literary Society:

The Literary Society provides support to enhance the expressions of young engineers through writing. The society organizes in-house workshops and interactive sessions by experts and renowned to train and improve the creativity of the participants and platform to showcase their work at national and international level.

The Photography Club:

“A picture speaks more than a thousand words”. Photography club at Rajdhani Campus has been formed and managed by the students who believe that “A click is not just a click, it’s a story”. Rajdhani Campus has witnessed many photography workshops and competitions as a part of its annual Techfest and exclusive programmes under the aegis of the Photography club.

“Green-gineers” The Eco Club:

ECO-CLUB is a green initiative by the students to create awareness about the good environmental practices and to green the Earth. Students have taken this challenge as a means to conserve our mother earth with the motto, “It’s time to pay back mother earth” Our vision is to create sensitivity towards environment & to awaken the philanthropic side of mankind.

The mission is to connect people by building and bonding relationship with the trees & to facilitate contribution from everyone who would like to enrich nature in a significant way. Many of the development activities in and around us are coming at the cost of depleting natural resources. Due to such activities, the self-repairing, self-recovering systems like green scape, water scape and mind scape is under great stress. Seeing this, the idea is to reflect on the state of the towns and cities and make it a better place of living. It has also been intended to remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat.

“En-circle” The Energy Club:

To create awareness about New and Renewable Energy Sources among students and staff and inculcate the habit of energy conservation, Campus has formed the energy club. It builds on existing domestic and international agreements to share research on green building envelope design, including walls, roofs and foundations. The Living Building Challenge is a cohesive standard that pulls together the most progressive thinking from the worlds of architecture, engineering, planning, landscape design and policy. It does not a merely define the character of a particular solution for development, but also defines the relationships and broader sense of community and connectivity they engender. It is comprised of seven performance areas: Site, Water, Energy, Health, Materials, Equity and Beauty.

Fortunately India is blessed with abundance of Renewable Energy Resources like Solar energy, Wind energy, Ocean energy etc. Inspite of this, lack of awareness has hindered the wide spread use of these Resources. In order to create awareness about this, its various systems and devices among the Engineering College Students, this club member with the motive of Renewable Energy, can in turn become brand ambassador for propagating and promoting the use of Renewable Energy Sources among the Public at large.

“Selfless” The Social Service Club:

The Rajdhani Campus has taken up the Corporate Social Responsibility in serving the society through various social service activities involving the management, faculty members and the students. The College has been trying to sensitize the student community on its social obligations and the need to exploit engineering and technology to social empowerment and development. Students are sensitized not only in local issues but also in various global social issues so that they are developed as responsible citizens of the world.

The Institution under this club, conducts regular blood donation camps, tree plantation and other social activities.

The Social Service Club undertakes various activities like distribution of clothes, meals, visiting orphanages, conducting awareness programmes and providing free tuitions etc. to inculcate the feeling of cooperation, brotherhood, kindness and sensitivity in the students.

“Autobots” The Robotics Club:

Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, disposition, manufacture and application of robots and computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. These technologies deal with automated machines that can take the place of humans, in hazardous or manufacturing processes, or simply just resemble humans. Many of today's robots are inspired by nature contributing to the field of bio-inspired robotics. Throughout history, robotics has been often seen to mimic human behavior, and often manage tasks in a similar fashion.

Today, robotics is a rapidly growing field, as we continue to research, design, and build new robots that serve various practical purposes, whether domestically, commercially, or militarily.

“Being yourself” The Performing Arts Society:

Involvement is a good way to develop relationships with other students and to create a sense of community for yourself and others.

Participation in student groups provides opportunities to get to know a group of classmates and a faculty member, to pursue a particular interest, to learn more, to celebrate culture and religion, or just to have fun. Involvement affords opportunities to attend—and even plan—social and educational programs for group and the entire student body. Some groups also offer the chance to provide a service for the whole campus. The Art Club provides an opportunity for the students to further enhance and fulfill their artistic endeavors beyond the classroom setting. It also helps to make them socialize and work with the Art community within the college, sponsor outings and trips, do community work, and hold in-house competitions.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell:

The main purpose of the cell is to develop individuals across socio economic backgrounds with the courage to dream, the drive to make a difference, the ability in themselves and the perseverance to convert their thoughts into action. The cell plans to prepare a pool of next generation entrepreneurs to the economic and social development of our mother nation.

Prosperity of a nation and society is measured by the entrepreneurial spirit of its people. All the time, entrepreneurship is an essential constituent of industrialization and economic development. Entrepreneurs are anticipated to play vital role in the process of expansion by introducing innovations and demonstrating leadership qualities in the dynamic situation. Educating and training people for developing industrial capabilities through positive training involvement will be the core strategy of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

Industry Institute Partnership Cell:

Industry Institute partnership cell is established for enhancing the relationship between the institute and industry. This cell identifies the industrial expectation and promotes institutional preparation for meeting industrial needs by facilitating sponsored R&D projects, seminars, workshops and various other industrial training programmes. Industry Institute partnership reflects in equipping faculty to latest practices and makes the students industry-ready by providing exposure to current industry practices, and hone their skills to adapt changing technologies. The primary focus of IIPC is to interact with elite industries and extend the efforts in establishing partnership with industries across the country in near future.

To survive and succeed in this new scenario, the input that is most essential is the human resource. As technologies change rapidly, retraining and updating of the work force continuously are becoming major challenges facing every country today. The institute has set up an industry-institute Partnership Cell to make an effective contribution to the educational system.

Innovation Centre:

The objective of an Innovation Center is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the college, to strengthen competencies of students in Technologies, helping them apply their knowledge in inventing innovative solutions to real life problems using Microsoft technologies and creating employment and entrepreneurship choices to them. This is accomplished through strategically deploying multiple activities such as guidance on the projects relevant to Microsoft software, staff and student training, partnerships, entrepreneurship curriculum, Microsoft technology mentoring, Microsoft program connectivity along with annual ecosystem conferences and competitions.

Through this facility, staff and students of Rajdhani will be benefited by getting acquainted with the latest technologies developed by Microsoft like Windows Phone and Cloud Computing which will be a rage of the technological world in the days to come.

Software Development Cell:

The cell has been established to provide an opportunity for budding Engineers in actively participating in the Software Development process and provide them a standardized platform for building up proper Entrepreneurial skills. It undertakes software development works from external agencies and provide best quality services in time. The cell flourishes under the auspices of the Computer Science Engineering department of the Campus, to develop the technical & soft skills, and work in group qualities of the students. It addresses not only the technology developing needs of the host college but also provides technical assistance and technology development for external clients as well.

Residential Accommodation

Hundreds of students from all across the country live in Rajdhani Campus Residences, which come closest to being 'a home away from home'. The facilities of hostels for boys, caring wardens and a tight security with all indoor and outdoor facilities for all round development of an Individual.