Solar Heater System

Environmental and energy conservation are main focus of the Institute’s master plan and this is evident from the Solar energy based water heating plants installed in the hostels with a total installed capacity of 2500 liters to facilitate hot water supply during winters and thus saving valuable electrical energy.

Electricity Backup

The Campus electricity is supported by 24 hr. uninterrupted power backup through 200 kVA silent diesel genets in addition to the continuous electricity supply from JVVNL, to ensure uninterrupted academic and co curricular activities in the Campus.

RO Water System

Reverse Osmosis based water purification system provides 24 hr. pure drinking water across the campus which keeps the students safe from the problems and diseases that are caused by impure and contaminated drinking water.

Sewerage Treatment Plant

The campus also has a sewerage treatment plant, which is helping us to share the responsibility of protecting the environment, by providing scientific ways and means of waste disposal which has now become a big problem in our country.